Friday, June 29, 2012

I give GIFs all year round


It has been dangerously hot this past week. Today got up to 114 degrees! That is insane. Then again, Florida is not any better in the heat area, so maybe I shouldn't be complaining. The scorching sun has definitely discouraged me from doing much interesting layering, and for that I apologize. (My baked potato of a body, however, will not.) I may have to bore you with a simple outfit, but I do try to keep it fun. For example, everything I'm wearing in this outfit is brand new, something I rarely do. I had a list of "necessary items" that I determined not to sway from on my next shopping excursion. Having a set mind when I go to buy clothes has never worked out very well for me; whenever I'm looking for something in particular, I have no luck. But when I go with no expectations, I uncover the best finds. Surprisingly, I managed to purchase most of my goals this time! One of my quests was to buy solid colored clothing, something my closet painfully lacked. These two items are part of my new loot that fall into the catagory. I have a soft spot for shirts like this with a neck tie or some unique detail, and the coral-peach color is marvelous. Not to mention the light material is appropriate for this five million degree weather...

Erin and I discovered just how popular these types of shirts currently are. The sheer fabric is so big right now, it was difficult to find tops that weren't made out of it. And the style of these sleeveless shirts has completely overtaken stores. I found tons of shirts that I adored, but they were oh so similar to each other.

These murals are located under a bridge in the park. I think little kids painted them or something... either way, it's rather cool. I've had this wall in mind to use for pictures for a while now, and I figured it'd work swimmingly with the bold-colored theme. As I mentioned earlier, I've needed to add solid colored pieces to my collection. This notion struck me one day when I noticed that nearly all of my shirts have printed designs. I can't help it that I'm drawn to busy patterns and lacey details! Trading in the florals for this pop-of-color ensemble is refreshing for a change, even for me. It highlights my retro side. Not my most retro, by far, but it's a good introduction.
Top: A'GACI, skirt: Forever 21,
shoes/nail polish: Target



While spending the last of my summer here in Manchester, I've formulated a list (I like lists, shush) of some things I've always needed to experience that are significant to the town. On this particular day, Erin and I decided to cross off an item by going to lunch at a local burger joint called Jiffy Burger. I have eaten a sandwich or two from this place, but never what they are most known for: their hamburgers. So I ordered a bacon cheeseburger, all the toppings (obviously).When it was brought to me, I first took notice of how big it was and how difficult it would be to eat. I was quickly overwhelmed by the delicious smell, and my initial reservation was no longer a dilemma. My conclusion on the matter? It was very good and definitely worth the messy hands.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I find this note-able...

These are just TOO COOL!


Top/pants: Forever 21,
collared shirt (underneath): thrifted, altered
shoes: Shoe Carnival

 So what if I'm writing this at 2:45 am? Sleep is for the weak. Or maybe it's "sleep is for the week," in which case I've got it all kinds of wrong. Anyways, I simply MUST share with you my latest inspiration. Rouche's newest lookbook, "Under the Tuscan Sun," is utterly gorgeous. I have literally swooned through it a dozen times by now. Besides the fact that I generally love all things Mediterranean (particularly the food), I absolutely adore the essence of everything found within the electronic pages of the lookbook. The colors, patterns, and fabrics have the breezy flow to them, and the clothing combinations? It blows my mind to see the art put into action. Way to go, Rouche. You've won my approval. Of course, it's not like I didn't admire them before. Because I did.

While we're on the subject (except not really because I hadn't directly mentioned it), allow me to explain the alterations to the blue, floral collared shirt. When I bought it several years ago, it was originally a dress. Or, sort of a dress. The bottom was a spandex sort of material with ruffled tiers for the "skirt" part. It was an awkward shortness, and I would never have worn it without pants. Needless to say, I preferred it to not look like that, so I removed the skirt section until where the buttons began, and then hemmed along the base. It soon became a short sleeved, button down blouse. The length was a bit shorter than a regular shirt, so it's more of a crop-top, good for layering and whatnot.



Necklace: Charming Charlie,
earrings: thrifted,
ring: antique (great grandmother's)

I LOVE being able to reuse items for new purposes. Whether it be altering thrifted clothes or uncovering treasures from old jewelry, finding a way to make them work brings me joy. In my opinion, incorporating legit vintage items into one's wardrobe is a process that takes continual trial and error. Similar to being able to remix/combine outfits, you must be fearless and just attempt certain things sometimes. More often than not, the result will surprise you for the better. I admire those who are able to do it so effortlessly. Admiration and jealousy are two different concepts, right?

Sunday, June 17, 2012

As You Wish

For the past few months, Erin has had this image of a photo shoot that she was determined to fulfill. She specified that I had to wear my Morning Glory Coffeehouse dress from ModCloth, Garrett had to wear a pink shirt, and it was to take place in the field near her house. As you probably assume, we made it happen. I figured I'd kill two birds with one stone by making it into one of my blog posts, because I'm smart like that. I usually like to pair my dresses with a belt that didn't originally come with it to give a pop of interest, but I wasn't feeling it today. The simple stretchy waist-scrunchy was left in place, and I didn't remix the dress for a change. I wanted to appreciate in its entirety rather than taking away from the whole package by covering up or changing the look of the dress. Besides, the light material was perfect for the delightfully warm temperature as it was. Layering was not necessary for the occasion, if you ask me.


I'm going to go ahead and get it out in the open: my all-time favorite color is rose. Sage/mint green is a very close second. Honestly, I have a weak spot for anything in shades of pastel. It's funny how my fashion sense has developed throughout the years. I once went through a stage of bold colors and loud prints, all stemming from an 80's vibe. What can I say? 80's music is classic, and the people were always so happy being totally rad. But I've drastically toned down since then. I look to the 40's for much of my inspiration, blended with a certain French/Victorian-esque flair. At the same time, several aspects of the 70's intrigue me. I really have many facets to my style. The result of these morphed contradictions yields whatever I am.
I'll go into much further detail regarding my personal style in later posts, I swear. As for now, barely skimming the surface will suffice.

Dress: ModCloth, hat: thrifted,
bracelet: Charming Charlie, shoes: JCPenny


When we called the picture taking quits, Garrett pulled out his ENO and the three of us chilled for the rest of the afternoon. I was introduced to ENOs about two weeks back, and I've been hooked ever since. They're the most relaxing invention this century has produced! Imagine the sensation of being cradled by a breathable fabric, weightlessly suspended in the air. You feel that? Now take that feeling and multiply it by awesome, and you're close to knowing what it's like to ENO. All other pastime activities are super jealous. It's probably a good thing I don't own one myself, otherwise I would never get anything done. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Defying Dreary

Well, here it all begins. My blogging journey sets sail on a drizzly, dreary day. The past weeks of incredible summer weather (complete with a dazzling sun, bright skies, and perfect breezes) has spoiled me, and now I expect every day to live up to these standards. Unfortunately, these expectations have been puréed into a nasty dampness, which also pretty much accurately describes three days worth of current weather conditions. I don't know about you, anonymous reader, but rainy weather makes me feel absolutely dull and void of all motivation... definitely not the kind of mentality that would encourage a well put together outfit, right? Wrong! It doesn't have to be sunny outside to feel sunny inside. Yes, I do realize how corny that sounds, but it's so very true. One thing I've learned in my years of wardrobing is to not let the weather regulate your choice of clothes. Other than assuring proper warmth and dryness and whatnot, your style should not be caged by a mere cloudy day. In fact, dressing up is one of the only ways I know how to combat Mother Nature's PMS-ing. When you look and feel cute, there's this automatic spread of cheerfulness in your body (that's serotonin for ya') that changes your outlook on the day, making it significantly more peppy. I decided to throw on a dress today and show the climate who's boss! ...that boss would be me.

The beautiful Erin and I took a trip to the neighboring town for some thrifting and antiquing. There were so many gorgeous pieces and unique knick knacks, as to be expected. It's strange to think about how these vintage items weren't always viewed as timeless. At some point, they were common in everyday life, perhaps even modern for the times. Now one looks at the styles and designs of things and is immediately thrown into a world of "back in those days." It really makes me wonder about when OUR generation's stuff will be viewed as outdated. It's approaching faster than you might guess. A few months back, as I was perusing yet another antique store, I found a complete collection of NSYNC bobble head dolls in the midst of all the old. Freaky? I believe so. I personally don't view my younger years as long ago enough to make vintage collectors items out of them!

Dress: ModCloth, shoes: Wet Seal,
belt: A'Gacipurse: Charming Charlie

I guess this would be a good opportunity to tell a little bit about the city of Manchester, TN, where I happen to currently reside. More than likely, you have never heard of Manchester unless you relate it to the yearly music festival,  "Bonnaroo." That's practically the only reason Manchester is on the map. However, for the other 361 days of the year, Manchester is... how do I put it delicately? It doesn't have much to offer. And I don't mean that in a "oh, it has the quaintness of a small town with undiscovered treasures" kind of way. It literally lacks things to do. Unless you really have passion for farming or Walmart, that is. Coming from someone who thrives in a city, one can easily fall into a flat line of boredom. But I don't want to single out the less than stellar thing about Manchester. It harbors some of the most incredible human beings (who I will eventually be introducing you to), for starters. There are a couple antique shops around here, but my bestie Erin and I generally venture to Tullahoma, the neighboring town, for our thrifting. Manchester does have an arts center on the square, which is a refreshing dash of culture. More importantly, it's a vital part of my life. As a member, I have involved myself in the plays and activities they've hosted for the past three years.
Manchester has potential, it's just a slow-growing society. You have to believe in it and continue to nurture its development, like a mother bird does its young. (Ok, so birds might not have been the most appropriate choice for my analogy, but it was the best I could come up with at the moment.) I will be the first to admit that I didn't believe in Manchester when I first moved here, but this last year has really allowed me to see things differently. 
Ironically, the day turned into a pretty warm one by the time we got into town. I like to think it was the power of positive energy and our will to make it feel summery that turned it around, because that would obviously just prove my point. The sky was a still, blue-grey, but it was neither cold nor wet. I suppose this would be an acceptable alternative to my ideal weather that I described earlier. In a strange way, the sky seemed to capture the essence of my dress. The feel and color projects "calm," and that's the kind of day it was.