"I don't want to make money, I just want to be wonderful."

— Marilyn Monroe

(It's true. I'm not necessarily in this for making any money, I just like to share what I find worthwhile and be a part of the large conglomeration of Internet inspiration out there to be had.)

I warmly accept sponsors, partnerships, features, promotions, and advertising. If you have a business or blog, I would be more than happy to advertise them through:
  • Posting adds/links in side banners
  • Modeling or promoting products
  • Sharing via Facebook
  • Hosting giveaway contests
  • Featuring in posts 
*Subjet to approval; I hold the rights to review submitted subjects and post only those that uphold to the style and credibility of my blog.
The offer goes both ways. If you would like to refer to me in your business/blog, please provide credit/links (this applies to photos and content). I will do interviews or features, just feel free to ask.

For questions, sponsorship inquiries, or any reason at all, contact me at
I hope to hear from you!

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