"How did you come up with your title, and what does dentelle mean?"

When coming up with a title for my blog, I considered several variants of different words/phrases that had the certain essence I was going for. Dentelle is French for lace. Of course, "Darling Lace" doesn't have near as much of ring to it, and incorporating the cute French flair worked to my advantage anyway.

"What made you want to start blogging?"

I've been that girl that follows blogs for inspiration: I love getting ideas of how to style outfits based on combination choices, create nifty DIY craft projects, and live life uniquely. I admire the people who put their time and efforts into making something special for everyone to enjoy. I guess it just hit me one day that I didn't have to just be "that girl," but I myself could dive into the world of blogging and share what I hold dear with others like me, anyone who would appreciate it. I also wanted to use the website to build my graphic design skills as I continue through school. (In short, I considered it off and on for a long time, and finally Erin convinced me to just go for it.)

"What are your career plans/what are you going to school for?"

I am currently going to school for vocal performance. I want to become a high school choral director, but I might try to get a minor in graphic design because I enjoy that quite a bit as well.

"How do you come up with ways to alter your clothes?"

My method has always been to see the potential within everything. I ask myself, "I'd like this better if it ______," and then I figure out how to make that 'blank' happen. In other words, I kind of make up what I'm doing as I go along with a general goal in mind. I answered this question in a DIY tutorial blog post that you might like to check out.

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