Friday, May 17, 2013

Altered State of Mind

Oh my, how time flies! Summer is here yet again, and this means I am back in Manchester for the time being. I've only been home for two weeks to this day, but my mind has been buzzing! I plan to once again start up a more regularly scheduled blog posting maybe next week (yes, Erin?). Until then, I'll save all my gut-spilling. But in the mean time, my restlessness has kept me working. I have been at my sewing machine, busy at work with project after project. I've surprised myself with how much production I've managed to crank out lately. Imagine what I'd be capable of if I always put this kind of drive into the things I do! Haha... hrm. Yikes.

I found a fabulous pair of "mom jeans" at Goodwill and turned them into probably my new favorite pair of high-waisted shorts.

I simply adored this vintage dress from salvaged from an elderly woman's closet. The sleeves fit funny, so it became sleeveless. I do believe it suits it better anyways.

(quick side note: this was taken before heading to my audition where I scored a lead role in the musical!! Ok, I'm done.)

This was a thrifted find from a while ago, and I just didn't know what to do with it. It used to be a quarter sleeve button up shirt with a collar, but I wasn't feelin' it. So now it's a simple lace vest.
(Sorry, no "before" picture.)

And this is my proudest creation! Erin used to own this dress but gave it to me. The top part didn't suit me well (I'm definitely not built for halter style tops), but I loved it too much to just discard it. So, I hesitantly decided to transform it into a skirt.. which turned out [surprisingly] remarkable!! I was terrified to start into the project and find that I ruined it or that it didn't work the way I had planned. There were a lot of tricky aspects about it that discouraged me. Luckily, there were conquered in the name of repurposing.
For instance, the entire inner lining had to be taken out without completely destroying the stitching that held the piece together. The sectioned waistband stitching that went along the front didn't continue in the back, not to mention the back had a patch of elastic waistband that posed special problems of its own. Let's just say that I am a very pleased seamstress after the entire process.


  1. Whoa dude! That dress... I'm impressed that you altered a ModCloth dress. I could've never talked myself into doing that. It looks fantastic! So do your mom-jean shorts. :) And YES! Pictures.

  2. Mom-jeans = priceless. And that skirt looks legit. And again lol, the old school dress is actually totes amazing.

    And I miss you tons :)

    -sincerely your ghetto brother from another mother.....and father ;)